Products for doors pvc

  • Pressure

    The Pressure series is distinguished by the patented Twin Adjustment Mechanism that allows perfect sealing of the gap between the floor and the door.

    1700 1712 1700MINI 1770 1772
    1770MINI 1800 1813 1830  
  • Cheap

    The Cheap series is equipped with the new tilting mechanism with rigid levers that ensure greater control of the movable profile as well as even and controlled floor pressure.

    420 422 420MINI 470 472
    470MINI 520 540   
  • Special

    The Special series has been specifically designed for aluminium and metal doors, where correct sizing of draft excluders is essential.

    AE 110 920 120 170/12
    170/15 270 1370 475  
  • No Sound

    All the items of the No Sound series have certified noise reduction power and can be equipped with certified seal system designed for fire doors.

    Isola 1370NS 1770XNS 1770NS 1773ACU
    1770ACU 1800XNS 1800NS   
  • Comax

     The Comax series is Comaglio’s proposal for ‘DO IT YOURSELF’. The Comax items perfectly combine the functionality of the Comaglio patented mechanisms and the aesthetic appeal.

    1750 1450 1255 1250 1050
    125SP 126SP 1151   
  • Universal

    The Universal series ensures optimal heat and sound insulation as well as air and water tightness in compliance with the strict standards imposed by recent regulations. 

    1375 1350 1380 1355 1360